My job is to define the relationship between what you see and what you remember. To tell the story of the beginning of your lives together as splendidly as you feel it in your hearts. And while my clients aren’t any one type of person, they do all share a common love for the beautiful things in life that are difficult to see and even more difficult to explain. Like exactly why good lines in an image help tell a story, and how you see that reflected in my work. Why the glances caught between the posed shots tell of a love that goes beyond this chapter in your lives. Practically speaking, my style is an attractive mix of photo journalism and love-reflective styling. I capture your story as it unfolds, and build moments for you to be tender as the day progresses. Creatively speaking, and the way I most affectionately view what I do, I am a storyteller. And like any good storyteller, I use my trade – my tools, my talents and frames – to lay the foundations of how you will remember your own story. And just as no two clients are the same, no two stories are ever the same. But the message remains constant: love. Simply.




Outside of my professional life, I am a stay-at-home mom raising two of the most charming little guys I have ever laid eyes on. Together with my husband, we are living a quiet life on our 55 acres of family-owned property in a farmy town outside of Nashville. Our neighbors are our family, quite literally, and we are thoroughly enjoying the blessings that stem from a life lived so near to the ones who love us most. My sister is my best friend. My mother has instilled in me a lasting love for the gentle art of domesticity. And my husband’s love and leadership has made me a far more becoming person than I ever thought possible. Our own story is one of love, and that fact alone is what first encouraged me to tell the story of yours.